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The Hindustan Group of Institutions (HGI) founded by the visionary Late Dr.KCG Verghese in 1966 now stands as a remarkable institution with more than 18,000 students hailing from India and across the globe. The institutions are guided by the motto of our late founder, Dr. KCG Verghese: "TO MAKE EVERY MAN A SUCCESS AND NO MAN A FAILURE."

Today, HGI is a prominent name in the academic world and is committed to providing excellence in education through well-structured curriculum, innovative learning and global academic partnerships.

Hindustan International School

The Hindustan International Schools (HIS) with campuses in Guindy, Karapakkam, and Padur is a unit of the esteemed Hindustan Group of Institutions and are renowned for their distinctive approach to learning and dedication to providing quality education. With a strong focus on academic rigor, these campuses ensure that students receive a holistic education that prepares the students for higher education and professional success. We became a Cambridge Authorized centre in the year 2021.

Cambridge Assessment English

Cambridge Assessment English is part of the University of Cambridge. They develop and produce the most valuable range of qualifications for learners and teachers of English in the world. Over 5 million people in 130 countries take their exams every year. Around the world over 25,000 universities, employers, government ministries and other organisations rely on the exams and qualifications as proof of English language ability. Cambridge English exams are backed by the work of the largest dedicated research team of any English language test provider.

Benefits for the Students, Parents and Faculty:

The main benefits of offering Cambridge English qualifications are:

  • Build confidence in using English
  • In preparing for the test, the candidates develop real-life language skills
  • Develop the LSRW Skills.
  • For young learners, every student receives a Cambridge English certificate, irrespective of their scores
  • Certificates are recognised by universities worldwide
  • Exams administered within the school premises
Exams for Schools
  • Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers : Classes III to V
  • A2 Key for Schools: Classes VI
  • B1 Preliminary for Schools : Classes VII
  • B2 First for Schools : Class VIII
  • C1 Advance : Class X
  • C2 Proficiency : Class XII


Discover Linguaskill, Cambridge's innovative language assessment tool tailored for college students and graduates. Enhance your language proficiency, paving the way for a world of career opportunities and success.

Why Choose Linguaskill?
  • Accurate Language Assessment: Precise evaluation of your language abilities.
  • Tailored Learning: Identify and focus on areas that need improvement.
  • Boost Confidence: Enhance your English language proficiency and gain confidence in today's competitive world
  • Global Recognition: Recognized by universities, employers, and institutions worldwide.
  • Academic Excellence: Prepare for success in academic settings.
  • Flexible adaptable test for all
  • Fast results and in-depth reporting.
Test format
Reading and Listening (combined) Writing Speaking
60–85 mins approx. 45 mins 15 mins


Authorised Centre Plaque 2021

The Authorised Centre Plaque was given to Hindustan International School on becoming a Cambridge Authorised Centre in 2021. Chairman Dr Anand Jacob Verghese received the Plaque in 2021.

Recognition for The Centre Exams Manager

Ms Mariegold Gwendolene Ruth the CEM(Centre Exams Manager) of Centre IA164 was awarded the "Extra Mile Award" at the Annual Coordinators Conference 2022 for her dedication and hard work towards the centre.

Emerging Star of the Year - 2022

Emerging Star of the Year - 2022 Hindustan International Schools attained the first award in 2022 "The Emerging Star of the Year". This award not only sets a remarkable benchmark for educational excellence in one year but also emphasizes its dedication to shaping the future of its students and the broader academic community. Focused on our vision to make "Every man a success and no man a failure."

The Promising Centre of the Year - 2023

The Promising Centre of the Year Award is not merely a token of recognition. It signifies the institution's pursuit of knowledge advancement, the cultivation of intellectual curiosity, and the promotion of interdisciplinary collaborations among its learners. This recognition elevates the institution's international reputation, reaffirming its commitment to our motto Excellence is our hallmark.

Pinnacle Performer Award

The Pinnacle Performer Award for 2024 celebrates our achievement as this is the third award been received as a Cambridge Assessment English authorized center. This prestigious recognition underscores our commitment to excellence in English language education and our dedication to upholding Cambridge's rigorous standards. It reflects our team's hard work, expertise, and unwavering support for our students' language learning journey. This award not only honors our past achievements but also inspires us to continue delivering exceptional educational experiences that empower learners and promote language proficiency globally.

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Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) exam is meticulously made as an assessment to find your consummate self in the arduous work towards the pinnacle of English and surely it has manifested into the same. The exam has established itself as a pre-eminent one and it surely helped me to ameliorate my English. Normal exams embody usually a writing portion only whereas CAE covers all the rudimentary skills for daily affairs. The books reconnoitre the exams by embroiling us to the process and gives us the hands-on experience of the assessment. Overall, the experience provided by the assessment is really unparalleled and one of a kind.

Sairam Murugan

Grade 9,HISG,Chennai

I am an A2 Key learner studying in Hindustan International School, Guindy, Chennai, India. I started appearing for CAE exams since I was 8 years old and I have completed A1 movers and A2 flyers so far with distinction. CAE English has encouraged my continuous progression with a clear path to improve my English skills which consists of Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This course has not only improved my fluency but it also has given me a great command over the language. My school provided me with the course material, classroom training and mock tests with excellent teachers who mentored and trained me for the exams. My ambition is to gain admissions at leading universities worldwide. CAE gives a great advantage to prepare myself for competitive English exams like the IELTS.

Candace Magdalene,

Grade 6B,HISG,Chennai

CAE is one of the popular English proficiency test for those who are aspiring to go abroad for studies or for work. The assessment is given on all four skills – Reading & Writing, Listening and Speaking. In HIS, they have excellent infrastructure and well-trained teachers who give individual attention to all students so that they can excel in all four levels. I have completed A1 Movers, A2 flyers and currently ding A2 key for schools. It helps me to improve my vocabulary and professional communication skills consistently thereby giving confidence to take part in group activities in schools. Unlike regular English classes, it is a skill-based learning. It focusses on listening, accent, better ways to communicate and inter personal skills. I would recommend CAE to all students who want to improve their English proficiency with confidence.

Pranav Sagar

Grade 6B,HISG,Chennai

Learning Cambridge helps me in improving Skills such as Speaking, Listening Reading and Writing My Favourite skills are Listening and Speaking Skills Listening helps me focus on a particular thing and Speaking gives me Confidence and improves communition with other My Cambridge teacher is Sarita Mam. She is a Polite, Friendly and an Excellent teacher. I enjoy Cambridge classes and Learning Cambridge has a real lasting value for myself and a life long passport For further international studies.

Vaishrav S

Grade 7B,HISP,Chennai

I Find the CAE class interesting and interache. It is unique and different trom other subjects as it opens a path of new opportunities to me, and it teaches me a lot of new things. The only concernis that the CAE books were given late kindly ensure the books are given on time next year

Meha v

Grade 7B,HISP,Chennai


Further details on Cambridge Assessment English Exams

Mariegold Gwendolene Ruth

Centre Exams Manager

Email id: ceac.ia164.guindy@hindustanschools.in

Phone: +918925906872

Further details on Linguaskill Contact

Seema Paulose

Training Manager Linguaskill

Email id: lingua.ia164.guindy@hindustanschools.in

Phone: +918925906875

Centre Address

St. Thomas Block, Door No. 1/40,
North Parade Road, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu, 600 016 India.