CEO’s Message

CEO’s MessageAt Hindustan we believe that the rights and privileges of education bring a responsibility to make a good use of knowledge, to change the world for the better and to help ensure that succeeding generations have the same opportunities to grow and to excel.. Education is a gift that one generation gives to the next. Indeed, this Institution owes its existence to our Founder Chairman Late Dr. K. C. G. Verghese generosity and commitment to help future generations.

Here you are surrounded by astonishing resources:
fascinating fellow students, learned faculty, a magnificent library, superb athletic facilities, and student organizations covering every conceivable interest including the performing arts and community service among them. You will have complete freedom to explore, learn about new subjects, meet new people, and pursue new passions. I want to encourage you, in every way that I can, to make the most of this rare and unique opportunity.

One of the virtues of studying at a place like Hindustan is that you can practice while you learn; you can work in laboratories alongside your teachers on problems at the very frontier of knowledge. We have endeavored to frame courses that are in sync with the growing demands of the industry and help students to explore the frontiers of fields where new knowledge and understanding are being created.

The Institution is the vehicle, the world relies on, to educate students and advance knowledge. The vehicle we have built here has been enormously powerful and productive over the past 50 years. Hindustan is prepared to imbue in you a strong reservoir of Hindustan spirit that will equip you to be harbingers of change.

I welcome you to search the never ending arch of amalgamated knowledge, walk the untrodden path of seizing opportunities-never thought of and be the beacon for generations to come. I welcome you to the Hindustan International School.