Guindy Campus (CAIE)

  • Smart Board Classroom
  • A library of Thoughts
  • Art Studio
  • Math Lab
  • Science Zones
  • Digital Technology lab
  • Infirmary
  • Transport Services
  • Parents Web
  • Progress Monitoring System

Explore excellence in education and unparalleled amenities at Hindustan International School, a standout choice among schools in and around Guindy. Our campus features state-of-the-art facilities, creating an enriching environment for academic and holistic development.

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Smart Board Classroom

Hindustan International School has the state-of-the-art facilities, including aesthetically designed staff rooms, well air-conditioned AV rooms, spacious classrooms, comfortable seating arrangements and playground. Classrooms in our Guindy campus are equipped with E-Boards and Audio-Visual aids for 21st century learning teaching and learning. We ensure that our students have best learning experiences in classrooms and in the campus.

A library of Thoughts

The library maintains a supportive and a highly nurturing environment in building knowledge bank for students. The library contains books, CD-ROMs, DVDs that cover a spectrum of subjects and satisfies the students’ urge to learn. We highly encourage our students to spend the library hours effectively, where they sit quietly and immerse themselves in books under a pleasant atmosphere. Library also has resources for continuing professional development in teaching staff.

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Art Studio

Every student displays a different type of intelligence. Visual Art is one such type! Students of Hindustan International School in Guindy campus gets every opportunity to hone their skills in fine arts. Arts studio in our school enables students to find a new meaning of expression in an environment that challenges them to develop their artistic senses in a creative atmosphere through the study of art, music, drama and speech.

Math Lab

Mathematics is a major form of communication in the modern world. Through our manipulative learning centre, we aim to help children enjoy the subject and develop confidence in their ability to use it in a range of different settings. We would like our students to enjoy learning Math as much as they enjoy creating art. Math Lab at Hindustan International School in Guindy ensures that the students are skilled at critical thinking, evaluation and analysis.

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Science Zones

In Hindustan International School, Science Zone is a well-equipped centre with state-of-the-art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences. Many concepts that are taught in the classroom are reinforced in various ways at the science zone. From microscopes and anatomy models to various apparatuses and infographic charts, the Science Zone creates a stimulating environment for the curious minds to work on academic problems.

Digital Technology lab

Due to the exponential development of the Information Technology field. It is a necessity nowadays that the students must know to operate computer as early as possible. The school has a well resourced informatics lab linked through a dedicated hi-speed internet connection. Students work in a variety of ways, using word processing, databases, graphic presentations, power point and desktop publishing. The curriculum is also well-aligned to their needs for progressive learning of computer operation and the science behind it.

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Students at Hindustan International School in Guindy are taken care when in need at the Sick Bay, which houses students who are unwell. The bay is always manned with a qualified and professional nurse who will be available on site during the school hours. The nurse treats minor injuries, provides first aid and maintains students health records.

Transport Services

HIS Guindy provides air conditioned bus service for the convenience of students. All bus routes are monitored by a supervisor. The service consists of a standard service to and from the school. Buses arrive at the school each morning at approximately 8:15 am and depart the school at approximately 3.45 pm.

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Parents Web

Parents Web Portal. We at Hindustan International School have introduced a software which benefits the teachers, parents and students. Parents can now view lesson plans, homework and grades under password protection on the unique Parents Web Services. Parents can also check their student’s progress from any location via the web.

Progress Monitoring System

Progress Monitoring System. The school has a special system of monitoring each child’s progress in sports. The progress of each child is meticulously recorded and monitored periodically to assess the progress or regress of each individual. The quarterly reports and annual reports of each child’s activity, performance and achievements are being updated and posted on website so that the parents can keep track of their child activities in sports and academics. All students have a one-to-one interview with their teacher every term, and Parent-Teacher interactions are held each term. We believe that the best way to maximize a student’s potential is for school and home to work closely together.

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