Christmas Celebration Guindy 2019

Christmas is a time of celebration, hope and laughter. HIS , Guindy celebrated the festival with unsurpassed joy and delight.

The School was decked with colourful streamers, stars, and a brightly decorated stage with a Crib and the Christmas Tree. The essence of Christmas came alive when the Students and Teachers got together and shared the merriment of the season.

The Programme began with the tiny tots in the pre primary wing, embracing the Christmas spirit by singing the ChristmasCarols with full fervour and enthusiasm as they enactedout the nativity play. The Elementary and the MiddleSchoolers’spectacle performance ofthe ChristmasPlay , brought forth a revelation that the Season of Joy is about spending time with the near and dear ones, giving alms and having pride in leading a humble life.

The Carollers singing the Songs of the Season in a sweet musical accord echoed throughout the campus. Santa made a grand entry and surprised the children too. The delight was uncontained especially as all the children squealed with excitement as Santa handed out the candies.

The Christmas celebrations at HIS, Guindy set the tone for the coming New Year, a year that promises to be full of smiling faces in harmony and united as one.