To shake off the Monday blues, the Dunking Devils’ acrobatic display was a  heavy dose of adrenaline rush. Students of grades 5 to 11 assembled in the  basketball court to witness the incredible flips and spins by the Guinness World  record holders.
The guests were given a very warm traditional welcome by our school staff.  Then a tikka (Vermillion), Chandan (Sandal paste) were applied on the forehead  and a small aarti was performed. Students were thrilled to meet Komlos, Lenc, Pero and Ambro and shared their  excitement about meeting their celebrities. Some students felt that the event  provided a much-needed ease before commencing the exam for the day. Others  who had watched the celebrities on YouTube, were in awe to meet them in  person.

The acrobats were gracious enough to click photographs with our elated  students to prove that humility walks before stardom.