Ecosystem Restoration: A Science Field Trip and Film Festival


The recent science field trip and film festival on Ecosystem restoration provided an enriching experience for students, offering a unique blend of education and entertainment. The event focused on the crucial theme of ecosystem restoration, emphasizing the delicate balance between animals, nature, and human activities.

Nature visit:

Understanding the significance of native plants in ecosystem restoration, students took part in a workshop focused on plant propagation. They learned about the importance of using native species in restoration projects and actively participated in propagating seeds and seedlings. This hands-on experience not only educated students about the role of plants in ecosystem health but also empowered them to contribute to local restoration initiatives.

Film Festival:

The centerpiece of the event was the science film festival, where students were treated to two captivating short movies that delved into the intricate relationship between animals and nature. The films highlighted the importance of biodiversity, the impact of human activities on ecosystems, and the urgent need for restoration efforts.

Science Activities:

The day also featured two engaging science activities that allowed students to apply their knowledge and explore the principles of ecosystem restoration in a hands-on manner.


The science field trip and film festival on ecosystem restoration proved to be a resounding success, combining education and entertainment to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in preserving our planet’s biodiversity. Through thought-provoking films and interactive activities, students left the event not only with newfound knowledge but also with a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm to actively contribute to the ongoing efforts in ecosystem restoration. The event served as a reminder that every individual plays a crucial role in safeguarding the delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystems.