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Introducing the unique HARP music instrument to HIS students

“The most exciting rhythms seem unexpected and complex, the most beautiful melodies
simple and inevitable.” ― W.H. Auden
Very few in the country know about the musical instrument Harp. Lucky to be called among the few who know. Hindustan International School, Guindy, had a workshop for its students
and staff on 7 th December 2018. Ms Meagan Pandian , currently the only harpist in the country, accompanied by her husband, Mr. Vijay Pandian, not only enlightened the
audience about the existence of Harp over the centuries in different forms, but also played a few breath taking pieces from around the world. It is certain that Ms. Meagan’s inspiration
from today’s stupendous session will certainly be igniting the enthusiasm in our students to
become an acclaimed harpist someday. Proud to boast that Hindustan International School,
Guindy is the only school in Chennai to own a harp.