Korean Language Classes @ Hindustan International Schools, Chennai

Hindustan International School is the first from South India to be a part of this programme

Hindustan International Schools (HIS), true to their philosophy of “To Make Every Child a Success and No Child a Failure” takes the next step ahead to make learning as vast and fascinating as it can be. The Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI), New Delhi and the School come together to collaborate on the principles of mutual benefit not just to enhance learning, but build bridges across the countries. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this purpose was signed on 3-June-2021 by Dr Anand Jacob Verghese, Director & CEO, HIS and Mr II-yong Hwang, Director, KCCI.

Language can be an important tool to achieve the same. The joint educational activities will have the following features, viz,, “Korean Cultural Centre India Tour”, “Korean Cultural Experience Workshop”, “Korean Cultural Classes at School”, “Korean Performing Arts Tour”, “Korean Language Classes”, “Exchange Program between Korean and Indian Schools” and many more. The Language classes commence for Grade 6 students from this Academic Year 2021-22.

The Virtual Ceremony consisting of dignitaries from Chennai, New Delhi and South Korea was a significant landmark in the chapters of Hindustan International Schools. The Director, KCCI, Mr II-yong Hwang and  the Director & CEO HIS, Dr Anand Jacob Verghese expressed immense joy and gratitude on this new collaborative effort which will enhance the excitement of learning amongst the School students . Advisor, International Affairs, Ms Sukhee Lee added to the happiness by saying that Hindustan International School is the first from South India to be a part of this programme.

This initiative will not only broaden the horizons of learning but widen the thought process of understanding and empathy in the learners. Another opportunity and another step ahead in the chronicles of the Success Stories at Hindustan International Schools.