Science Expo –Ubiquitz24

Venue: HisG Auditorium, Basket Ball court
Time : 9:30am- 12Pm

A science exhibition was organized by Hindustan International School on national science day. This science exhibition was named Ubiquitz-24.The program started with prayer at 9:30 am. The principal, faculty members were present at the exhibition. Students from Gr1-Gr9 were allowed to present what they have interests and want to make. All the participant students show their models related to science such as space satellites, transformers, DC motors, molecular models, solar systems and scientific games etc.

The activity aims at providing a common platform to students to give shape to their innovative ideas and learn from each other’s experiences. The exhibition also provides a medium for popularizing Science and explore in Science and Technology.

The theme of this year’s exhibition was “Science for Sustainable Development.” This theme aimed to highlight the role of science and technology in addressing societal challenges and fostering sustainability.

The National Science Day Exhibition was a resounding success, providing students with a platform to showcase their scientific knowledge and creativity. Through interactive exhibits and demonstrations, students gained a deeper appreciation for the role of science and technology in addressing global challenges and building a sustainable future. The exhibition served as a testament to the power of science to transform lives and inspire future generations of innovators and problem-solvers.

It’s very pleasure and grateful to thank the management for giving this opportunity to showcase our students talent and intrigue in science.