Guindy Campus (CIE)


Young equestrians

Horse riding is an unseen, unspoken language of subtleties in which the rider and horse are to be harmonious. Divyaa from Grade 6 and Narain Nithilan from Sr KG participated in the International Dressage Development League and won the following awards,
Divyaa won,

1. Silver medal in Equitation Basic Three -South Zone in the 2nd IDDL.

2. Bronze medal in Equitation Basic Three – National level.

Narain Nithilan won,

1. Bronze medal in 6th IDDL
2. Silver medal in 7th IDDL
3. Gold medal in 8th IDDL
4. Bronze medal in 10th IDDL
5. 5th in National level and 2nd in South India level.

Congratulations to our young equestrians!!!