Korean Day Celebration 2023

The Korean Day Celebration 2023 held at Hindustan International School, Guindy, on November 3, 2023, was a grand tribute to the rich cultural tapestry of South Korea. The event was graced by a series of memorable moments, beginning with a solemn opening prayer by our school student Carmine Patricia of Grade 7B that set the tone for a day of cultural immersion and exchange. This was followed by a warm welcome address by Ms. Mariegold Gwendolene Ruth that extended a heartfelt invitation to all attendees to partake in the festivities. The principal’s speech by Dr. Lalli C further enriched the event, providing invaluable insights into the significance of cultural exchange and the role it plays in fostering global understanding.

Cultural Activities:
1. Korean Dance:
2. Song in Korean Language:
3. Speech on Korean Culture:
4. Korean Art
5.Korean Foods display:
6. Facts on Korea:
7. Flash Mob:

The Korean Day Celebration 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate and appreciate Korean culture. Through a blend of traditional performances, engaging exhibits, and interactive activities, attendees gained a deeper understanding of Korea’s rich heritage. The celebration not only strengthened cultural ties but also served as a testament to the global influence of Korean art, music, and cuisine. Finally to encourage the learner’s of Grade 4 and 5 to take up Korean language in their 6th grade. An origami crafted ‘Hanbok’ was given as a souvenir to motivate the students. The event will undoubtedly continue to be a highly anticipated cultural celebration in the years to come.

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