MUN (Model United Nations)

The Model United Nations (MUN) event held at HITS in Padur was a three-day intellectual extravaganza that attracted bright minds from schools and colleges across Chennai. This event provided a platform for passionate young delegates to engage in diplomacy, debate, and problem-solving.

For the first two days, participants adhered to a formal dress code, which added an air of professionalism and seriousness to the proceedings. The event divided Guindy campus students into three distinct committees: UNGA (United Nations General Assembly), ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council), and UNW (United Nations Women). Each committee tackled pressing global issues, fostering spirited debates and innovative solutions.

On the third day, the dress code shifted to Indian formals, celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our nation.

The HITS MUN not only nurtured the art of diplomacy but also nurtured the global perspective and problem-solving skills of the participants, leaving them inspired to work towards a better world.

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