International Workshop Space Odyssey IV

Students of Grades IX& XI were privileged to be a part of the INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP SPACE ODYSSEY IV, organized by the Dept. of Aeronautical Engineering, at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science.

They attended two enriching sessions, the first being on Space Farming (Plant and Space) by Dr Davi Souza – LGH Specialist with Electronic Engineering. By the end of the session they understood that we are now open to a new horizon of technical deliverables that can support sustainability while reducing negative impacts of climate change Space Exploration not only generates knowledge of human living off Earth but also helps to find solutions to societal problems and inspires act for a more humanized sustainable society

Session II was by Dr Ravi Margha Sahagayam from ( Kennedy Space Centre NASA) .He has a rich experience 30 years of working Experience in NASA , launched about 100 Rockets ,Worked in projects Hubble Telescope , Voyagers 1 & 2 Probing Satellite and was the First person to send Indian Women Astronaut to Space ( Kalpana Chawla).His opening qoute” Innovation is a key to Mankind “ set the tone for the day which was extremely inspirational and motivating for the young crowd .Mr Ravi MargaSagayam concluded the session with the points

  1. Dare to do Mighty Things
  2. Creativity – requires courage to let go certainties
  3. Knowledge is antidote to fear
  4. Explore yourselves to Greater Heights

It was an extremely informative session for students’ .The session kindled their interest towards the Dept. of Aerospace

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