Karapakkam Campus (CBSE)

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  • Smart Board Classroom
  • A library of Thoughts
  • Art Studio
  • Math Lab
  • Science Zones
  • Informatics lab
  • Infirmary
  • Transport Services
  • School – Home Link
  • Progress Monitoring System

Elevate your educational journey at Hindustan International School, the premier choice among schools in and around Karapakkam. Our campus offers top-notch facilities, providing students with an enriching environment for academic and personal growth.


Smart Board Classroom

As one of the schools with best facilities in OMR near Shozhinganallur, HIS has state of the art infrastructure that includes aesthetically designed staff rooms, air-conditioned AV rooms and well-equipped classrooms with E-Boards and Audio Visual learning aids.

A library of Thoughts

Our library has recently added a plethora of books of various genres, with study zones for our bookworms, creating a learning environment perfectly equipped for 21st century learning.

And of course, a play school for your wee ones, where you can stay assured that they are always within a stone’s throw away from their older siblings.


Arts Studio

Our Arts studio has a unique look with slabbed tables, anvil, canvas holders, chairs and tables for students to observe and learn together with plenty of natural light. We have developed a distinctive approach to Art through a combination of practice, theory and history. Our Arts instructor is actively engaged as an artist and guide children with their extensive experience and skill in our Arts Studio.

Math Lab

Mathematics is a major form of communication in the modern world. Through our manipulative learning centre, we aim to help children enjoy the subject and develop confidence in their ability to use it in a range of different settings.

Schools with Best facilities in OMR near Shozhinganallur

Science Zone

In HIS Karapakkam, Science Zone is a centre equipped with state of the art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences. Many concepts that are taught in the classroom are reinforced in various ways at the science zone.

Informatics Lab

The school has a well resourced informatics lab linked through a dedicated hi-speed internet connection. Students work in a variety of ways, using word processing, databases, graphic presentations, powerpoint and desktop publishing.



Students who are unwell are properly taken care at the sickbay which is manned with a qualified school nurse who will be available on site during the school hours. The nurse treats minor injuries, provides first aid and maintains students health records.

Transport Services

We have excellent transport links within a 20 km radius. All bus routes are monitored throughout the journey. Buses can be located any time with the ERP systems in place, yielding a tension-free time for parents at work. With many well-founded and upcoming offices around us, we also have a friendly residential neighborhood; tie up with prominent healthcare centre and great public transport links.

Air Conditioned Bus Service

School – Home Link

We have an online tool in place that brings together teachers, students and parents. Parents have a dedicated access to track lesson progress, homework, share resources and communicate effectively. This allows opportunity for independent and flipped learning, while parents remain updated.

Progress Monitoring System

The school has a special system of monitoring each child’s progress in sports and academics. The progress of each child is meticulously recorded and monitored periodically to assess the progress or regress of each individual. Quarterly and annual reports are updated and posted on web portal for parents to keep track of child’s activities, performance and achievements in sports and academics. All students and parents also have a one-to-one interaction with teacher every term. We believe that the school and home should closely work together to maximize a student’s potential.