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Black and White Day

Just like we cannot imagine a world without colours, a world without black and white is unimaginable too!

Our Kindergarten learners celebrated the black and white day on Friday 15th, Feb 2019 in school. The learners were dressed in black and white attire. They were shown different black and white objects such as white paper, black pen, white paint, black paint, white and black grading rings and black and white wool.

They were asked to name a few black and white things that they see in their environment and surroundings. All the soft boards were displayed with a different theme based on “Black and White” like Penguin world, Football, Panda, Sheep, Dog, Chess, Animal kingdom, Musical Harmony. They listened to rhymes related to the colours of black and white. Also, to enhance their speaking skills, learners spoke about objects and pictures related to the colours. They played a chess game to help differentiate between the colours. It was indeed a fun-filled learning day!