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Empowering teachers is the key to enhancing Education

HISK organized an orientation program for teachers on 3rd and 4th of June. Teachers’ Orientation on Ethos, Good Practices, and Spirit of the Institution is an important key to lay the foundation for the new teachers. Mrs. Iris Theodore, Principal took great pleasure to deliver the same. Orientation program contributes to more effective and productive teaching practices. Our Joint Director Lt.Gen. Bobby Mathews enhanced the teachers’ knowledge with Top 10 Teaching Strategies, Effective Teaching Methodology and 10 Minute Learning Methodology. CBSE Rules and Regulations, Class Control & Discipline and Students’ Etiquettes at School and Home helped the teachers to understand ‘How things are done’ in the School and at Home. The importance of Parents Out Reach Program was also a part of the Orientation. HISK strongly believes in encouraging the teachers’ confidence and helps them to adapt to the latest teaching environment. Teachers are the ‘holder of information’ and his /her role is to impart this knowledge and skill to the students. The Orientation Program concluded with a Fellowship Lunch to promote bonding and rapport amongst the Staff members.