Field Trip – Farm Visit

Tiny tots of HIS Karapakkam visited the Hindustan farm and learnt about the farm and domestic animals. Children enjoyed the trip and experienced themselves with farm animals. It’s a fun learning activity for our toddlers.

Animal Corner is featuring some of the animals that reside on the farm. Children can discover and learn what life is like on the farm for sheep, pigs, cows, goats, ducks, chickens and horses.

Farm animals are bred for many purposes. Chickens give us our eggs, Cows and Goats provide us with nutritious milk. Different breeds of sheep produce many kinds of wool fibers which are made into clothing. Pigs provide us with bacon and pork and Ducks become a succulent duck roast. Horses are used as working animals, sports and leisure activities.

However, all these animals are not just there to provide us with materials, aid, and provisions, they also make wonderful pets which give us years of pleasure and devotion.