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Field trips to Museums

School visits and field trips to museums and science centres are considered a powerful learning resource is given their recreational and educational potential, but visits need to be integrated into classroom programming to optimize learning.
The students of Class X visited the Sea Shell Museum on 17th April 2019. The trip began with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour.
In total there are some 6000 different varieties of seashell species. The museum is divided into 4 major sections. Each has a huge gallery that displays a unique collection of shells.
Some look like an elephant’s ear, others look like a mermaid’s dress. And some others are like octopus and others are like tiny coriander seeds. Some shells have the right-handed pattern on them, which is believed to be very rare.
There are very huge seashells and smallest seashell species of the world on display in one of the sections. They looked as small as the coriander seeds.
It was a wonderful experience for the students to explore outside as well as to learn more about Sea shells and pearls. Students also visited an aquarium and enjoyed the day with fun.
On the whole, it was an enriching learning experience for the students.