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Health Awareness Programme On Dengue

Health Awareness Programme On Dengue

Dengue Fever is a mosquito borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus which can be a life threating fever if proper and timely care is not taken. Swine Flu is another viral contagious respiratory disease. Many Influenza A viruses affect people and make them unhealthy.

Hindustan International School, Karapakkam took an initiative to create awareness on these types of diseases amongst the Students so that they become Ambassadors of a Healthy Lifestyle by conducting a Programme on 4 Nov 2019. Dr Karthikeyan – The Regional Health Officer and his team including an Entomologist were invited from Municipality of Kanchipuram to address the Students. Reiterating the proverb “Prevention is better than Cure”, they explained the cause, symptoms and cure for Dengue and Swine Flu. The talk became fascinating for Students as well as Staff by sharing very interesting lifestyle facts of insects with special emphasis on Mosquitoes. The Team clarified that though there is no defined medication for Dengue, it can be prevented and effectively controlled by first taking care of ourselves and our surroundings. “Nilavembu Kashayam”-can be ministered as it aids in increasing the Blood Platelet count which is the major cause of fatality in patients suffering with Dengue.

 It was a very Interactive Session where Students and Staff were able to clear many doubts and got an answer and scientific clarifications to many myths.