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Once upon a Time - Story telling

Once upon a Time – KG Story Telling

Storytelling is an innate part of human behaviour. It is the oldest form of teaching. Since we evolved as a species, it’s been an integral part of how we make sense of the world. From the early cave paintings to Skype catch- up sessions with friends, we use storytelling to communicate, connect and learn from each other. Telling stories and listening to them makes experiences real and meaningful to us. This is why storytelling is such a powerful tool in education, because when used successfully, it switches on the part of the brain that stores and remembers information. When we acquire knowledge and understanding, we’re learning.

We at HIS K Kindergarten Section organized one such Session-“Once Upon A Time” on 23 rd August 2019. The very phrase takes us into an awesome world of imagination. The Tiny Tots of Pre KG, Jr KG and Sr KG brought to life the wonderful world of Stories when they enacted-“Lion and the Mouse,”Pammi the Pumpkin”, “The Magic Tree” and “The Bear and the Traveler”.

Not only the Students but every person seated in the audience enjoyed every second of the show.

Kudos to our Kindergarten team of Teachers and Students for making us re-live our childhood !!