Science Exhibition – HISKION

Science Exhibition with the theme “ Smart city, Solar City and Space city” was conducted by Hindustan International School on 28th February, 2019 to commemorate The National Science Day.

The exhibits by the different levels from students of Grade 1 to 9 were indeed eye openers on various topics related to how our cities can be smart with technology, use solar power to it’s maximum potential for a city and how to inhabit the space in the coming years. They exhibited great creativity and out of the box ideas.

With an endeavor to promote scientific attitude among budding young students, this exhibition was one of its kind. Students participated only for the spirit of participation, sharing and learning and not in the competitive section. All the participants will be presented with certificates and mementos to encourage and build a love for science.

Ms. Iris Theodore, Principal, Hindustan International School, Karapakkam told the students that Science is not a subject to be learnt but is an experience everyday and everywhere. We should have an inquisitive mind to observe and find out the facts about things that we do not understand. Science gives us tools of immense power and as with any other form of power, the misuse is always a possibility. It therefore, becomes incumbent on us to become judicious and use these wonders with utmost care. She also thanked all the participating teams for making this event a success and appreciated their novel projects.

The Joint Director Lt. Gen (Retd) Bobby Mathews went around appreciating and asking a lot of questions on the Projects. He encouraged the students to continue their pursuit of knowledge and get better with every effort they put in.

Parents also had come to view the projects which in turn proved to be a learning experience for them too as they were surprised at the confidence level of students in presenting their Projects/displays with a lot of information collected from different sources..

Overall the exhibition was appreciated by the entire community including the parents, teachers and the student body.