Thematic Assembly Grade 1B

Good manners mean – JUST BEING KIND!

‘Good Manners’ by class I-B was a special assembly held on 12th March 2019 at HIS, Karapakkam.

Two narrators took the stage and offered a lively introduction to the assembly.

They told the audience that, although we are aware of what good manners are, we often tend to forget them. Hence, it is necessary to go over the various things to be remembered the time and again.

The speakers stressed the need to inculcate good manners and always be polite and respectful. One should also try never to lose one’s temper or allow it to control us, they said.

The students enthusiastically participated in a skit which emphasized that our speech, habits as well as our behavior should never hurt the feelings of others or cause inconvenience to them. The skit stressed the importance of the three magic words – ‘PLEASE, SORRY and THANK YOU’.

The class then recited a short poem which encouraged students to lead a disciplined life.

The efforts of the class were well appreciated by the audience as was evident from the applause!

The assembly concluded with Ms. Iris Theodore, Principal addressing and exchanging ideas with the students. On a parting note, she stressed that good manners help spread better understanding and goodwill and thus bring about harmony amidst all.