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Where are we Heading………….????

Where are we Heading………….????/10-09-(19-20)/001

It is the right time in the History of Human Race that we gave a serious thought on our daily lifestyle. Right from the time we step down from the comfort of our beds to the time we climb back into that same comfort again. If we analyze and reflect, there are just Two Factors that are of PRIME importance around which our entire life revolves directly or indirectly. Yes they are-WATER &FOOD. In our present lifestyle what place do they have?

This truth was brought to light by none other than a Student of Grade 10-Ms Kavya. It is not that we are not aware of it but we simply choose to ignore. We do not want to acknowledge that we are knowingly creating an environment that would very soon be WATER FREE and FOOD FREE!!! Our behavior is very much like the well known, though not true, Ostrich’s act of hiding the face in sand when danger is near, believing that the danger will not affect it.

Please read this piece of information very carefully, because our life and more than that, our future generation’s life depends on what you are going to do after this information sinks in.

I am Kavya Vijay from Grade 10 and I’m going to speak a little bit about ‘Water Conservation’.

How many of you know who your first Teacher was? It was not Geeta Ma’am or Aarthi Ma’am. It wasn’t your Daycare Teachers or your Kindergarten Teachers. It wasn’t even your Parents. Your first Teacher was you.

 No one taught us how to walk; no one taught us how to eat. Then why do we have to be taught how to conserve our own environment? It should be a part of our natural instincts to save the place we call our home.

I’m sure almost all of us do not turn off the faucet while brushing our teeth, and use the shower to take a bath. But did you know that if we conserved water in just these two activities throughout the day, we save four glasses of water, two in each case?

If we assume that there are 400 Students in our School, using simple Math, we can calculate that per day, we can conserve 1600 glasses of water. Sixteen glasses of water makes 1 gallon, so, per day, we would be conserving 100 gallons of water. All of this, just by the Students in our School saving 2 glasses of water in their morning routines.

It’s a common question to ask why we need to save water when there are so many other problems happening around the world like pollution, poverty and racism. Why water?

The most basic essential for the survival of human beings is food and water. Water gives us plants and trees, which in turn give us food. If we can’t even have the most basic things to survive, how are we supposed to solve other problems? In case of an emergency on an airplane, you have to put the mask on yourself before you help someone else. We need to put on our own masks before we set off to help someone else.

India gets most of its water from rivers and groundwater, and it is alarming to know that Indian rivers are depleting by 8% every year. This means, in 12.5 years, we will have no water in our rivers. Our 6th and 7th Grade Students will not have any water by the time they finish College and Senior Students’ children will not know of rivers which have water in them.

It is never too late to turn around and try again. So, let us start today by saving!!

May we all shake ourselves to understand this stark reality and the danger looming large.