Teacher’s Day

“Our dedicated educators had a delightful evening after the dazzling day. overwhelming hand made cards, chocolates and pens by students filled the teacher’s with joy. The celebration came to an end in the starry evening with the fun activities thoughtfully organized by our talented Grade XII students. The event reached its crescendo with a captivating dance performance by our enthusiastic students. The host Master Ayush, Head Boy of the school and Ann Sandra , Head Girl mastered the ceremony. Dean of Academics Mr. Johnson Mathew sir gave a few life values to be cherished and nourished. Despite, it’s Teacher’s day, he had a strong message for inspiring the students. He said “there are basically three kinds of learners. who don’t read and listen, Who listen and get half benefited, Who make the best use of the class. The educator although knows, but always positively Cascades the knowledge and constantly approaches the two levels to perform well. A mellifluous song by Jenita, grade 12 student filled the hall with positivity. The game with tasks by teachers made teachers not only enjoy it but made them nostalgic. The humor mimic act by grade 10 and 11 students was worth laughing aloud. The celebration wouldn’t be joyful without the energetic dance performance by the students. Mohammed Irfan ,a grade 12 student expressed his gratitude with a special speech. The cake cutting and the group picture brought the celebration to end with a happy note. ” Our Chairman sent his warm wishes to all Teachers and wished they inspire the children in a positive way ”

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