Date and Day of the Visit: 05-09-2022 (Monday)

Venue: ECO-KITCHEN ,Injambakkam, Chennai- 600

No. of Home Students:33 Students (Grade 10 – 13 students, Grade 11 – 10 students, Grade 12 – 10 students)

Teacher In-charge:

  1. MsSangeetha Mohan – Event Organizer (Home Science Facilitator)
  2. MsAnila Grace – Class Teacher
  3. MsSankari B – Class Teacher


  • We started from School at 9.30 am and reached the venue by
  • We met MsKavithaBalaji (Senior Project Associate) who guided us for the entire event.
  • The program started with a brief presentation about the organization.
  • Followed by the Industrial Visit.
  • We had delicious Lunch around 12 Noon.
  • Group Photograph was taken.
  • Reached back School by 1.30 PM.


ECO Kitchen has a 30,000 meal production capacity – a scale that lowers costs. It is an 18,000 Sq. facility. The word ECO is an acronym of Enhancing Community Operations. The kitchen is a naturally lit and a ventilated building. It utilizes innovative, eco-conscious technologies including biomass briquettes, solar geysers, a condensation recovery system,expansive drainage and a waste water treatment plant that irrigates the garden. They have carefullycrafted their production to minimize its impact of the environment.

Programmes under Eco-Kitchen-

1) Kathir – Delightfully Vegetarian

The ECO Kitchen team, in a series of workshops “Hunger to Hope” is reaching out tothousands of women in Chennai city who are looking to commence a new journey tofinancial freedom. KATHIR is an innovative opportunity for disadvantaged urbanwomen impacted by domestic/partner violence and in need of resources to care forpeople living with chronic and debilitating diseases. It helps them realize theirlivelihood aspirations.

2) KathirDhan

India has the highest number of undernourished people in the world — 230 million or about a fourth of our population. Even more are at risk of becoming malnourished because of rising global food prices.Hunger is real. It affects some more than others. We all see hunger and poverty around us and share a desire to make a difference. KathirDhan assists you to help others. It delivers food to the underprivileged children, disabled and the elderly of Chennai.KathirDhan is a bridge between those in need and those who wish to help. This is the programme which caters almost 85 homes in and around the city. The target group of this programme are Old-age/ Children/ physically and mentally challenged.

Above mentioned Kathir and KathirDhan are Non-Profitable Programmes initiated by the Eco-Kitchen. 

3) Out of the Box

As the Kathir kitchen focuses on providing meals to vendors at a low cost, it was recognized that a supplementary source of funding would be needed to sustain and expand the non-profit program.  As a result, the ECO Kitchen decided to establish a second food retail programme at the same Injambakkam facility.  Called “Out of the Box,” this programme delivers unique meals that are personally designed to suit a customer’s needs.

4)EndrumPoonagai – Creating the habit of Reading

This programme initiated by the organization to sensitize on Habit of Reading and Value Education in under privileged Schools in and around the cities. Where they donate the books once readers completes reading the books.

5) Volunteering Program:

The organization also opens an opportunity to serve the needy by Volunteering Program. Volunteering form –

Glimpse of the Industrial Visit:


On the whole, the visit was an informative one. I would like to thank the Management, The Dean of Academics, The Principal and The Admin Head for encouraging the Industrial Visit.

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