National Nutrition Week

Salty Potato Experiment

Too much salt is hard on our heart, kidneys, and other organs. Too much salt can make us thirsty, it can make our blood pressure higher, and it can make our kidneys work harder. Salty Potato experiment helped Learners to understand how too much salt can affect us.

7-days Foody Challenge

Date Day Snack
02/09/2022 Friday Sprout Salad
03/09/2022 Saturday Fruit Salad
04/09/2022 Sunday Holiday
05/09/2022 Monday Sundal
06/09/2022 Tuesday Dry fruits and Nuts
07/09/2022 Wednesday Vegetable Salad

Food Donation Drive

The Teachers contributed Pulses , cereals , Fruits / Vegetables / Dry fruits which was donated to Vishranthi –Old age home on ECR , Injambakam . The inmates was extermely grateful and sent the school their blessings , prayer and love.

Workplace Garden

A garden by the Teachers which will contain plants / vegetables ready to be used. They also possess medicinal properties.

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